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Oshiri Lover ω | Where DREAMS and I become ONE.
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sweetgirlej: Saturday Brunch
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Yuko’s Twitter 2014-07-26 14:24



Yuko’s Twitter Translation

It’s the birthday of the one who I greatly love my heart(best) friend Akimoto Sayaka
Extra big love and happiness as presents for her❤️


Yuko’s Twitter 2014-07-26 24:39


Happy Birthday to Sayaka❤️

Yuko’s Twitter Translation

Congratulations on your 26th birthdayー‼︎
Since Saechan’s in Shanghai, it was just the 2 of us celebrating
Happy Birthday to Sayaka❤️
Hope you’ll become a woman full of radiance!


Sayaka’s Twitter 2014-07-26 24:46



Sayaka’s Twitter Translation

I’m drunk really drunk。
It’s been a wonderful day getting drunk.
Thanks, Yuko.
And, to all of you supporting Akimoto Sayaka. Thank you.

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140727 (hyomdot), do not edit.

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"The better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
^ I love this quote the best
Gathered all quotes on members’ outfits and put them on this placard xD actually i only gathered quotes on Mayu, Yuki and Ikotan’s outfits orz
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K-Pop girl group does sexy concept: “Omg what sluts! I miss the old days of K-Pop when you didn’t need sex to sell! Let’s go back to the innocent days!”

K-Pop girl group does cute/silly concept: “What the hell is this crap it’s so childish and sounds like J-Pop!”

J-Pop girl group releases…

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"Please write your victory prayers"  (Yukirin version

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Mayuyu or Yukirin ? ;)))

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AKBree's translation of Mayuyu's G+ post


AKBree's translation of Mayuyu's G+ post:

was the Music Station 3hr Special!!

For everyone who watched it, thank you very much!

“Kokoro no Placard”
was performed on MS for the first time!

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Matsui Jurina’s letter to Matsui Rena

To Rena-chan

Happy birhtday. And thank you for having written the letter for my birthday. I’m happy I can reply to that moment.

When we joined SKE at the beginning we had a lot of works together in Tokyo, we also were a lot of times in the same room, since I don’t have brothers, it seemed I could have a big sister and it made me happy.

I said “let’s sleep together” and though Rena-chan was sleeping I wanted to talk a lot and I ended up being a very spoiled child, I’m sorry.

Also because we are both “Matsui”, before we realized it, we were compared a lot. At that time I was still a child so I didn’t know what I should have done.

"Is it ok to behave like I did till now?", "Is it ok we have to become rivals?", a lot of feelings sprouted in me.

Our age and our behaviour are diferent, what we are in common are the surname and the height. Why we have to be compared to each other? I also thought this. But now I don’t think that anymore.

It’s because there is Rena-chan, it’s because Rena-chan is my rival if the current me exist. So, Rena-chan, during the hard times, support me. When Rena-chan is not here I’ll do my best to do Rena-chan’s part too.

We’ve always been together so they are feelings only I can understand, it’s something only I can do. That’s the same for me. There are things only Rena-chan can understand and things only Rena-chan can do. Noticing this, thinking about this, I’m really glad.

From now on too, maybe you have to keep being my good rival but, as an SKE48’s member, in order to don’t lose against other groups the next time, in order to make people think SKE48 is the best, while we support each other together, from now on too, I’d be happy if we will grow together.

Rena-chan! From now on take care of me!
Also, really, happy birthday!

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A small extract from this: 柏木「麻友は平和主義者だし,争いごとや競争が好きじゃないはず.それでも,AKB48を背負って「1位になりたい」と公言して有言実行した麻友が私の誇りです.」
Kashiwagi: “Mayu is a pacifist, she definitely does not like rivalry or competition. But still, she declared “I want to become 1st” while carrying AKB48 on her shoulder, and she did carry out her words. Such Mayu is my pride.”
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